Interatividade: valor agregado nas transmissões convencionais

Roberto Amaral, Roberto dimas do Amaral, Mariana Lapolli, Greicy Kelli Spanhol, Fernando José Spanhol


The role of interactivity for Digital Television are not yet fully available in Brazil,however the traditional mass communication vehicles are seeking to addinteractivity as a value in conventional transmissions. In this context, thisresearch aims to examine the use of interactivity in the current programming ofa Broadcast TV station in Santa Catarina, Brazil belonging to a group ofcommunication. For this, the research technique employed was the case study.Were monitored during one month the telephonic calls destined to a game,conducted and disseminated by the Broadcast TV, in which people call to amobile phone number and are challenged to answer multiple choice questions,accumulating points which can give the right to a prize. Data were collected asthe quantity of daily telephonic calls, crossing between schedules of theinsertions and calls, among others. This study highlights the levels ofinteractivity based on the television, media evolution, and technology clusters,beyond to propose a study of devices that can already operational to supportthe Digital TV.

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